Animal Nutrition

UniGrain are a supplier of high quality ruminant feeds, providing pelleted stockfeeds for livestock producers in the beef, dairy and sheep industries.

UniGrain supply a unique range of ruminant feeds tailored to the specific needs of the Australian livestock industry in addition to customised rations for export markets, manufactured at our facilities in Smeaton (Victoria) and Wagin (Western Australia).

Diets are formulated using Australian grown cereal grains, pulses and protein meals. UniGrain’s animal nutrition team work closely with their domestic and export customers to ensure the most appropriate feed is selected.

Victorian Ruminant Pellets (standard range)

Beef Cattle and Sheep

•    UG HiPro: a high protein diet designed for feeding beef and dairy cattle
•    UG Lamb Pro: a palatable protein feed for ewes and lambs
•    UG 14: a mid-range protein feed suitable for all ruminants
•    UG All Rounder: suitable as a grain replacer pellet for sheep and cattle
•    UG Maintenance Cube: a 9mm pellet ideal for trail feeding to sheep and cattle
•    UG Fibre pellet: an oat based fibre source

Vitamin and mineral premixes can be added, specific to the differing needs of sheep and cattle.


•    UG Dairy ME: an energy pellet ideal for feeding when pasture quality is high
•    UG Dairy Boost: a higher protein feed ideal for feeding when protein is limited in pasture and hay
•    UG Dairy Advance: a high protein pelleted feed designed for high producing dairy herds
•    UG Calf Start: a high protein starter diet for calves
•    UG Calf Grow: an ideal diet for feeding to weaned calves and heifers up until calving age.

All dairy diets contain appropriate vitamins and minerals as a standard inclusion.

For more information on the Victorian ruminant pellet range of feeds contact our Smeaton mill.

Western Australia Ruminant Pellets (standard range)

  • UG top pellet with premix: a finishing pellet that is suitable for sheep and cattle
  • UG top paddock pellet with premix: a maintenance pellet suitable for sheep and cattle
  • UG dairy pellet: a high protein pellet for dairy cattle
  • UG horse pellet: a multi-purpose pellet for broodmares, foals and horses in work
  • UG Fibre pellet: an oat based fibre source

For more information on the West Australian ruminant pellet range of feeds contact our Wagin mill.