UniGrain Oat Mill Grows a Healthy Market

Consumers are continuing to recognise the many health benefits of Oats and they are increasingly being used by manufacturers in breakfast cereals, snack foods and Oat based milk drinks.

UniGrain Pty. Ltd. has a long history of grain milling and has been producing value added grain products at their Smeaton site for over 30 years. In 2007 UniGrain commissioned a world class state of the art Oat Mill (in addition to its other milling facilities).  Oat cereal products from the Smeaton Mill are exported worldwide in both bags and bulk to key markets such as Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent.  UniGrain also supply a growing wholesale domestic market, and have a growing range of retail Oat Cereal products under the Smeaton Mill brand name.  The Smeaton Mill Oat cereal range is currently available in participating IGA stores.

Due to the growing worldwide demand for Oats combined with the growth in the domestic cereals market, UniGrain have recently completed a major capital expansion project to the Oat Mill which includes an increase in inward capacity to over 100,000mt of oats per annum.  UniGrain are also continuing to invest in equipment to further enhance the quality of its products and aim to set the quality standards within their industry.